Iraq: Milk and Sugar considered WMD by USA

A group of foreign journalists were taken to the factory in Taji on Tuesday, which the Washington Times had quoted US Secret Service sources as considering a biological arms plant.What they found was milk and baby food.

An Iraqi spokesperson leading the group declared that although the US administration was constantly spying on Iraq with satellites, “a satellite cannot tell what is real information” and added that “It is nonsense to say that milk and baby food are weapons of mass destruction”.

The Secret Service report appears to be based on satellite photographs showing 60 trucks surrounding the plant last week. However, it transpires that these were transporting consignments of powdered milk and food for new-born babies which has arrived from Yemen, Vietnam, Tunisia and Indonesia and sugar from Egypt and India.

The Iraqi spokesperson claimed that this operation is carried out every two months to supply the shops in the neighbouring provinces and stated that the number of trucks was 187 and not 60.


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