Notorious Russian journalist and his wife lose all their property in Russia

Notorious Russian journalist and his wife recognised as extremist association

A court in St. Petersburg recognized journalist Alexander Nevzorov (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) and his wife Lydia Nevzorova (nee Kolesnikova) as an extremist association. Their activities in the country were banned, their Russian property and income will be confiscated for the state.

The court has thus ruled to confiscate three land plots, a building on the site, a residential building, a car and 25 percent of shares of the authorized capital of Piter-Technoproject — New Resources LLC, which belonged to the journalist's family.

The Russian State Register, Rosreestr, reported that the cadastral value of the seized property in the village of Lisiy Nos near St. Petersburg amounted to over 35 million rubles.

The court decision is subject to immediate execution. This wording means that a writ of execution to confiscate the Nevzorovs' property will be issued without waiting for an appeal, the court explained.

The Nevzorovs were accused of spreading extremist ideology

From March 2022 to present time, the Nevzorovs have been disseminating extremist ideology to an unlimited circle of people, including minors. They do this regardless of the region and country of residence, "by posting fake information about the special military operation on their personal pages on the Internet.”

In late May of this year, the Office of the Public Prosecutor demanded that the Nevzorov family be recognized as an extremist association.

In February 2023, a court of Moscow sentenced Alexander Nevzorov in absentia to eight years in prison in the case of fake news about the Russian Armed Forces. The journalist was banned from administering Internet resources for four years. Alexander Nevzorov left Russia in March 2022. His wife Lydia later said that the journalist moved to Israel.

Alexander Nevzorov is known in Russia as a journalist from St. Petersburg. He started his television career with a 10-minute TV show dedicated to criminal incidents, and then became famous for hosting his personal program "600 Seconds.” Many remember him for his provocative and notorious statements.

In October 1993, the program was closed, but Nevzorov continued his career on television as the host of political and criminal programs.

In 1992, Nevzorov was elected to the State Duma. He served four consecutive terms as a deputy and took part in political activities for a long time. The journalist then started making controversial statements about the Russian authorities, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian political course.

On June 3, Advisor to the Head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Anton Gerashchenko said that the journalist and his wife Lydia received Ukrainian citizenship "for outstanding services to the country.”

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov