Putin addresses the Russians as the winner of the Russian presidential election

Putin addresses the nation after election results announced officially

On March 21, 2024, after the official announcement of the results of the presidential election in the Russian Federation, the winner of the campaign, President Vladimir Putin, appeared in a televised address to the nation. The President stated that the election campaign took place in difficult conditions and was extremely important for the country. Putin noted that presidential candidates proposed a number of measures in their programs that could be used in the interests of the country.

"The elections showed that Russia today is one big and friendly family — we are following the same historical path that we chose earlier," Putin said.

More from Putin's March 21 address:

  • "I understand that this level of trust increases my responsibility to you."
  • "In our historical territories, election commission employees showed courage and perseverance."
  • "For me, this is more important than just winning the elections — it is your support for the political system and course."
  • "You value freedom of choice. Thank you for the freedom of choice."
  • "All ideas and proposals from presidential candidates will be used in the interests of Russia's development."
  • "Every vote that the Russians cast in the election was of great importance."

According to the official results of the Russian presidential election, 76.277,708 people voted for Vladimir Putin, which is 87.28 percent of all voters.

The Central Election Commission summed up the official election results. Nikolai Kharitonov came second with 4.31 percent, Vladislav Davankov — 3.85 percent and Leonid Slutsky — 3.2 percent.

  • The final turnout amounted to 77.49% (more than 87 million people);
  • A total of 41 cases of damaged ballots were recorded;
  • The West considers "independent” candidates only those who promote their views.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov