Putin: We will push back demilitarised zone in Ukraine

Putin: Russia will push demilitarised zone in Ukraine farther to ensure security

The demilitarised zone in Ukraine should be pushed farther at a distance from which it would be impossible to shell peaceful cities, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the meeting with his trusted representatives in Moscow on Jan. 31.

The demilitarised zone must be pushed back, he said.

"The line should be at such a distance from our territory that it would ensure security,” Putin said speaking at the meeting at Gostiny Door in Moscow.

Putin was referring to long-range, primarily foreign-made systems that Kyiv uses to shell peaceful Russian settlements.

Russia will still exchange prisoners of war with Ukraine

Speaking at the meeting, Vladimir Putin also said that Moscow was not going to stop exchanging prisoners of war with Kyiv. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, on January 31, Russia and Ukraine exchanged 195 to 195 POWs.

Putin also said that he could not understand why Ukraine shot down the Russian Il-76 plane with its prisoners on board. Kyiv probably wanted to push Russia to retaliate, Putin added.

More from Putin's speech in Moscow on January 31:

  • The situation around the special military operation shows that the Russian society has a solid foundation, while the "foam” is gradually being washed away.”
  • No love for the Motherland is like no love for your family and your children;
  • A lot has been done in recent years, there is something to show to the country and people, although not all results have been achieved;
  • Russia is going through a very difficult and important stage of strengthening its sovereignty;
  • All trusted representatives should establish feedback with people during the election;
  • Russia already produces 75 percent of vital medicines, but this is not enough;
  • Historical Russia has risen and is forced to defend its interests, including through armed struggle;
  • Some foreign countries refuse to service medical equipment that was supplied to Russia before, although this is a purely humanitarian area;
  • "You can't go crazy about juvenile justice when they meddle in family affairs, we won't go down that path";
  • Vladimir Putin also called on his trusted representatives to establish feedback with the Russians.
  • The proportions of prisoners of war of Russia and Ukraine are approximately 1 to 10;
  • The Il-76 was shot down in the Belgorod region by the American Patriot system, this was established during an analysis of what happened;
  • Ukraine could have carelessly shot down the Il-76, but "it's still a crime.”

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov