Video: Putin stunned by question from his AI version

Russian President Vladimir Putin was stunned by the question from his virtual body-double.

Putin stunned by his own AI image

A student from St. Petersburg State University, who generated an image of Putin with the help of artificial intelligence, wondered whether it was true that the president had many doubles. The conference host noted after the question that the person asking the question did not introduce himself.

"I can see that you can be like me and speak like me in my voice. But I thought and decided that the only one person who should look like me and speak in my voice — that person will be me. That's how one of our leaders used to joke. As for artificial intelligence, yes, this is my first body-double, by the way,” Putin noted.

"It is impossible to prevent the development of AI, which means that we need to do everything to be take the lead in this direction, but no one knows what it is gong to end up with," Putin said.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov