Russian authorities to take stringent measures against illegal migrants

Russian authorities crack down on illegal and even legal migrants

Russia's Ministry for Internal Affairs has prepared a draft law that will impose multiple restrictions on illegal migrants' lives on the territory of the Russian Federation. In particular, they will be banned from driving vehicles, obtaining driver's license and making money transfers. In addition, a number of Russian regions will introduce a number of restrictions that will affect foreigners with a work permit in Russia already in 2024.

Those migrants that do not have the legal right to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation will have to live under the controlled residence regime. Expiry of a temporary residence permit, illegal border crossing or revocation of a visa, temporary asylum and citizenship will serve as reasons to put such individuals on a special register of illegal migrants.

According to the bill, the migrants included in the register will not be able to undergo state registration as legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. They will not be able to register real estate or buy, register or transfer ownership of a car to others. In addition, illegal immigrants will not be allowed to drive, take a driving test or replace their driver's license. Other restrictions include inability:

  • to open a bank account,
  • make money transfers,
  • conclude marriage.

The State Duma (the Russian Parliament) supported the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on restrictions for illegal migrants.

"These restrictions need to be supported in order to bring everything from the point of view of public safety into the legal field. First of all, we are talking about 100% compliance with Russian legislation,” MP Sultan Khamzaev said adding that he would definitely vote for this bill.

In October, Just Russia — For Truth party introduced a bill that would prohibit migrants, including those who arrived in the country legally, from working in education, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and taxis.

The explanatory note to the bill said that the influx of labor migrants to Russia was growing, their wages became equal to the wages of Russian citizens and thus ceased to be more profitable for the Russian economy. Therefore, it was proposed to limit the permissible share of foreign workers in each type of economic activity to five percent.

In addition, migrants were prohibited from driving public transport and working in the food industry on the territory of several regions of Russia.

In November, the Chelyabinsk region extended the 2016 ban that barred migrants from driving taxis and passenger buses. The restriction applies even to legal migrants, who work in the region on the basis of patents.

Similar measures are to be introduced in the Tula region. In addition to public transport, the authorities will prohibit migrants from working in the catering sector, as well as in the retail trade of alcohol and tobacco products, food and drinks.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov