Partial mobilization is a cushion of time for the Kremlin

Kremlin needs cushion of time before final decisions are made

When announcing the mobilization, Russian officials avoided saying the word 'war'. They did not talk about the imposition of martial law either. Senator Klishas stated that partial mobilization could be carried out during peace period.

All this gives grounds to assert that the Kremlin does not really want to update the topic of "patriotic war," Brief Telegram channel wrote.

It was reported that some of the mobilized citizens would be sent to LPR and DPR republics to replace troops. However, in general, the Russian authorities promise that the mobilized citizens would need to undergo training from two weeks to a month before they could be ready.

Therefore, the Russian leadership seems to be creating a temporary time gap of one month to reach final decisions.

One may assume that the authorities are now being extremely attentive to the alarming atmosphere that has developed in the society inside Russia. They will try to take measures to "calm down the society" quickly. First of all, it goes about information support and risk management.

Noteworthy, ten foreign POWs were released on September 21 — the day, when Putin announced partial mobilization. The POWs had been threatened to death penalty in Donetsk. Among those released there are two US citizens.

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