Russian MP, author of mobilisation amendments, denies rumours on general mobilisation

Russian MP: There will be no general mobilisation in Russia

State Duma deputy Andrei Kartapolov, one of the authors of the amendments to introduce concepts of 'mobilization', 'martial law' and 'wartime' into the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, said in an interview with the Parliamentary Newspaper (Parlamentskaya Gazeta) that "there will be no general mobilization.”

According to Kartapolov, the need for such amendments "was long overdue." The special military operation on the territory of Ukraine became the catalyst for such a decision.

The MP believes that fears of general mobilization in Russia are absolutely unjustified.

"There will be no general mobilization. The president has spoken about this many times, and so has his press secretary Dmitry Peskov and many other politicians at the federal level. "Law" is not the same as "mobilization". It has been passed to be performed for a long time, not just for this particular military operation — at least until time comes when the need for it disappears,” said Kartapolov.

At the same time, Andrei Kartapolov admitted that martial law could be implemented in certain areas:

"The closest similarity is the counter-terrorist operation regime during the first and the second Chechen campaigns in border areas, in Stavropol, for example. During martial law, it is the military administration that takes full power into their hands. Restrictions, such as curfew, will be imposed on the movement of citizens. Special regime of operation will be implemented for facilities of critical infrastructure and so on. This is exactly what is going to happen,” the MP said.

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