IDF Captures Terrorist Responsible For Meron Massacre

IDF arrested the man, who killed nine Israelis

IDF troops arrested (Aug. 4) Mazen Fukha, the 23 year old Jenin commander of Hamas's terror wing, Izz Adin Alqassam. Along with Fukha, five other wanted men were also detained in the Samarian village of Tubas. Fukha is suspected of supplying an explosive belt and aiding in the planning of the suicide bombing on a bus near the Meron Junction. Nine Israelis were killed in the atrocity.

The Massacre:

Sunday (4 August 2002), a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a crowded passenger bus at the Meron junction near Safed. As a result of the explosion, nine people were killed and 40 injured ten in critical condition. Ambulances, assisted by Israeli Airforce helicopters, evacuated the injured to nearby hospitals. The Hamas movement took responsibility for the murderous attack.

Fukha: Details

Fukha, single and a former student of the Nablus Al-Najah University, is considered to be one of the senior members of Hamas' military wing in Samaria. He is responsible for a long series of suicide attacks during the past two years. In his position as Hamas military head in Tubas, Fukha was in charge of a terrorist cell comprised of local recruits. Cell members have been gathering weapons and manufacturing large amounts of explosives to be used in future attacks against Israel - attacks Fukha himself was preparing. Moreover, over the past year the cell has been gathering intelligence on possible targets in the Jordan Valley, including IDF soldiers and military bases.

The group was linked to, and received directions, assistance and explosive charges from leading Hamas groups in Nablus and Jenin. In addition, Hamas from the Gaza Strip supplied the cell with training and funds.

Prior to his arrest, Fukha was planning another suicide attack, which was thwarted by his arrest. Apparently, Fukha was behind the murderous terror attack on Meron junction on 4 August 2002. According to security officials, Fukha was directly involved in directing and perpetrating many additional severe attacks. Fukha was detained by the ISA for further questioning.

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