Russia deploys three MiG-31 fighters with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles in Kaliningrad

Three MiG-31 aircraft armed with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles have been relocated to the Chkalovsk airfield in the Kaliningrad region as part of additional strategic deterrence measures, the Russian Defense Ministry said on August 18.

"Today, August 18, 2022, as part of the implementation of additional strategic deterrence measures, three MiG-31I aircraft carrying Kinzhal hypersonic missiles were relocated to the Chkalovsk airfield in the Kaliningrad region," the ministry said.

"At the Chkalovsk airfield, round-the-clock combat duty of MiG-31 aircraft with the Kinzhal hypersonic aviation system will be organized," the Defense Ministry added.

Kinzhal is Russia's state-of-the-art arms complex with hypersonic aeroballistic missiles. The MiG-31K and MiG-31I fighter-interceptors were chosen as the carrier for the complex.

  • The Kinzhal missile has low radar visibility and high maneuverability.
  • It is designed to destroy ground and sea targets.
  • The speed of the Kinzhal missile is ten times the speed of sound.
  • The range of destruction is more than 2,000 kilometers.
  • The missile maneuvers in all sections of the trajectory, which enables the weapon to overcome all air defense and missile defense systems.
  • The complex is equipped with conventional and nuclear warheads. The mass of the warhead is 500 kg.

Kinzhal missiles have been on experimental combat duty in the Russian Armed Forces since December 2017. Officially, the first combat use of these missiles took place on March 18, 2022 during the military operation in Ukraine.

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