Medvedev talks about the future of Ukraine and shows how it may look like

Dmitry Medvedev shows the future map of Ukraine

The future of Ukraine is very different from how Kyiv sees it. Dmitry Medvedevб Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russiaб discussed this in his Telegram channel.

As an illustration of his thesis, Medvedev attached two pictures showing the maps of Ukraine as per the view of Kyiv and the West.

In the first image, Ukraine includes the territories of Crimea and Donetsk and Luрansk regions. In the second image, Ukraine is reduced to only the Kyiv region, whereas the rest of its territory was divided between Russia, Hungary, Romania and Poland.

The caption to the pictures says: 

"In the brain of the President of Ukraine, affected by psychotropic substances, the following picture of the bright future of his country appeared (Fig. 1).
Western analysts believe that it will actually be this way (Fig. 2)."

Earlier, Medvedev said that Ukraine could lose the remnants of its sovereignty and disappear from the world map. The politician added that, in his opinion, after the 2014 coup, Ukraine lost its state independence and came under the influence of Western countries.

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