Russian former president Dmitry Medvedev may become Ukraine's new president

Dmitry Medvedev may become Ukraine's new president when it collapses

Dmitry Medvedev's sharp online rhetoric gives one an impression that he "started his presidential campaign too early. Moreover, Dmitry Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy head of the Russian Security Council, may not be struggling for the Kremlin, Russian MP Mikhail Delyagin said.

"What else could it be? Perhaps this is a presidential campaign for the post of the head of the new conditional Ukraine," the MP said, adding that he would like to support everything that Medvedev says.

According to Delyagin, it is widely assumed that Ukraine would collapse and parts of its territories would be joining Russia one after another as Moscow would be establishing control of the former Soviet republic.

However, Delyagin noted, "maybe there are other thoughts on this matter, who knows…”.

Dmitry Medvedev has recently made a number of sharp posts on his Telegram account, expressing his disdain for the West. He also set out a doubt about Ukraine's existence in a couple of years.

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