Rubin Design Bureau unveils new modification of BOSS submersible patrol ship

Russia unveils second modification of BOSS submersible patrol ship

Rubin, the Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering, unveiled a second modification of the Strazh submersible patrol ship. According to Rubin engineers, the ship will be armed with missiles and torpedos.

Rubin's submersible patrol ship Strazh (which translates as 'Guard') combines the advantages of a submarine and a surface patrol boat.

This version is armed with a small-caliber automatic gun, two launchers for guided missiles and four 324-millimeter torpedo tubes. Such a combination of arms makes the Strazh a dangerous adversary even for much larger surface ships," the press service of the company said.

The press service noted that this is the largest version of the ship with a length of about 72 meters and a normal displacement of about 1,300 tons.

"An increase in size allows us to offer a modification with greater functionality. New contours with a wave-piercing stem bar and obstruction of the sides reduce ship motions, increase the stability of the ship as a weapon platform, and reduce radar visibility. The location of the sonar antenna in the bow bulb improves its working conditions, and the bulb itself reduces surface resistance movement. A more powerful propulsion system develops the speed of up to 21 knots," the press service of the Rubin Central Design Bureau said.

As in other versions, the ship has two sealed multifunctional hangars that house boats, weapons for inspection teams, unmanned aerial vehicles or other payloads. To search for intruders, both radar and hydroacoustic antennas can be used.

"In addition, the ship can be used for anti-submarine exercises. It can also be used as a platform to train submarine crews. The cruising range is up to 4,000 miles at a speed of 10 knots, if necessary, it can be increased," the press service said.

Representatives for the Rubin Central Design Bureau stressed that due to the combination of underwater and surface properties, the ship, which was originally designed for use in peacetime, retains its value as a combat vessel during times of conflict.

"The ability to submerge gives the Guard an opportunity to solve typical tasks in new ways,” the press service noted.

Project Strazh

The Guard submersible is designed to be customized. Its modifications and ability to vary characteristics make it possible to offer the customer a ship that will best suit the purposes, conditions of use and available capabilities.

In April 2021, it was reported that the Rubin Central Design Bureau developed the first Russian submersible patrol ship intended for foreign customers. The project was named the Guard. It will be put on the world market as BOSS — Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry.

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