World's most powerful underwater nuclear torpedo Status-6 to be manufactured in tactical version

Nuclear torpedo Status-6 to be redesigned into tactical weapon

The Russian nuclear torpedo Status-6 (aka Poseidon) can be turned into a tactical weapon.

The extraordinary power of the unique Russian nuclear torpedo Status-6, one strike of which on the US coast would be enough to wipe out a third of the territory of the United States, prompted Russian engineers to think about a possibility to upgrade this weapon to a tactical version.

The tactical model of the nuclear torpedo can be faster and stealthier, but at the same time its power capacity will be sufficient to destroy enemy aircraft carrier strike groups, military bases, nuclear submarine deployment sites and other coastal facilities.

According to experts, the power of the Status-6 underwater nuclear vehicle is too large to attack individual targets. The tactical version of this torpedo will make it possible to annihilate enemy targets in a few hours or even minutes. To date, there is no protection against torpedo attacks, let alone the fact that this type of underwater vehicles can travel at a depth of up to one kilometer.

In addition, underwater vehicles can be launched from both underwater carriers and specially designed stations or bases for their deployment. The vehicle will only need to travel along the set route. This is an ideal weapon to destroy military bases and other enemy facilities.

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