USA's state-of-the-art cruise missiles are completely useless against Russia

Russia can destroy USA's modern cruise missiles without firing a shot

The Russian Federation is capable of eliminating USA's state-of-the-art cruise missiles designed to attack targets at extremely low altitudes.

Modern American cruise missiles capable of hitting targets at very low altitudes while bypassing obstacles or flying several meters above the water surface turned out to be completely useless in attacks on Russia. Russia can destroy such missiles without firing a single shot, reports.

The Americans use satellite data in guidance systems for such missiles. Russia's electronic warfare systems can introduce corrections to the data to cause US missiles to collide with either the ground or water surface.

The Russian Federation used such technologies in Syria. The Russian military could correct the entire range of data, not only the altitude, thus causing Israeli Delilah and American Tomahawk missiles to change their flight paths deviating from the targets for a few kilometres.


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Editor Dmitry Sudakov