South Africa: Right-Wing Terrorists Active

A racist, white, elitist group calling itself “Warriors of the Boer Nation” has claimed responsibility for a series of bomb attacks in South Africa in letters to several South African newspapers.

The group has carried out many of the attacks in the black township of Soweto and has called for the release of Boer activists, threatening to step up their campaign if their demands are not met.

The South African Police Force suspects that the new group splintered off from the already existing Boeremag, which has already threatened to bring down the ANC government of Thabo Mbeki, while others claim that the Warriors and Boeremag are one and the same thing.

The attacks in Soweto and Pretoria caused one death, one injury and severe material damage to railway lines.

Right-wing groups are no novelty in South Africa. There are believed to be no less than 80 right-wing extremist groups operating in the country. They range from the Boer Nationalist AWB, to groups of trade unionists, farmers and academics who feel they are being oppressed by the ANC government, to Israel Vision and Daughter of Zion. These groups defend a state run by the Afrikaners, the descendants of Dutch settlers who arrived in the region three centuries ago.

However, most Afrikaners do not support the activities of these extremist groups. South Africa has a population of 43 million, 5 million of whom are white.


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