Bin Laden Gives Credit Where Credit's Due

Bush and Western leaders to blame for deaths of Moscow and Bali terrorism victims
Bin Laden once again reminds the world of himself. As in the previous cases, deaths of hundreds of people became the reason for another speech from the Saudi fighter. The number one terrorist, whose whereabouts are not known, praised fighters against the infidel for the terrorist acts recently organized in Moscow and Bali.

The tape with bin Laden’s speech was aired by Qatar’s television Al-Jazeera. The al-Qaeda leader said that the terrorists who acted “in the name of Allah” were true Moslems. He said that the responsibility for the deaths of the people killed in the terrorist attacks lies with US President George W. Bush and all leaders of the Western countries who support the military aggression against Iraq. However, bin Laden sounds rather illogical when he mentions the Moscow hostage-taking together with other terrorist attacks, as Russia has never supported action against Iraq.

American experts have already authenticated the tape. Thus, this fact reveals two important things. First, Osama bin Laden is alive and is in good health. Second, he was at least aware of terrorist acts being prepared in Moscow and Bali.

We would like to mention once again that the Russian leadership, including President Vladimir Putin, declared several times already that international terrorists were behind the hostage-taking in the Moscow theatre. However, some Western media were rather mistrustful of this statement. When the majority of former hostages were still in hospitals, European newspapers once again touched upon the problem of negotiations with Chechen guerrillas. It is actually very difficult to understand the logic of such comments. Those Chechens who held hundreds of hostages in the theatre are certainly terrorists. And those in Chechnya are fighters for freedom with whom negotiations should and must be held. It seems that Barayev’s gang has come from the Moon.

Remember, after the September 11 terrorist attacks, there were no journalists at all who doubted that Osama bin Laden was behind the attack. And that was despite the fact that evidence of his connection with the 9/11 attack was obtained not immediately, but a bit later.

It is certain that the tape with bin Laden’s speech won’t sound convincing for the “fighters” for the rights of Chechens, the majority of whom barely know where Chechnya is situated, not to mention the events happening in the republic. It’s rather convenient to defend their “rights” while sitting in a cafe in Berlin or Paris.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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