Europe Embraces Chechen Terrorists

PRAVDA.Ru asked Colonel-General Arkady Baskayev, Russian Duma deputy (he represents the People’s Deputy group), to comment upon the detention of Maskhadov’s emissary Ahmed Zakayev in Denmark.

- The actions of Denmark’s authorities and police reveal the fact that Europe to some extent supports the actions carried out by Chechen separatists. This policy is carried out inside Chechnya, but also outside the republic, the recent hostage-taking in the Moscow theatre namely.

- Who is Ahmed Zakayev and for what can he be incriminated? While minister of culture, Ahmed Zakayev was concerned with actions of terrorists against federal forces in Chechnya. He participated in illegal bandit formations; he was an active participant of Shamil Basayev’s raid in Dagestan in 1999.

- Is he involved in the slave trade, as was mentioned on the Russian television?

It is not ruled out that Ahmed Zakayev is connected with slave trade. Villagers of many of Chechen settlements are also involved in this criminal business. Chechnya’s economy was seriously undermined when Johar Dudayev came to power in 1991. Many Chechens had no choice but join bandit groups or get involved in drug smuggling and the slave trade in order to maintain their families.

- Who in Moscow is behind those who support Zakayev?

It is an open secret that Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky contacted the Chechnya mafia and using criminals elements in Moscow. He provides financing to different “law enforcement organizations” that can help his “friends.”

- Is it possible that Ahmed Zakaye was connected with the leader of the Chechen terrorist group, Movsar Barayev, who took the hostages in the Moscow theater recently?

It is not ruled out that these contacts actually took place. When Zakayev lived in Denmark or somewhere else, he was spending not his pocket money, and international flights are very expensive now.

- Where do Maskhadov’s emissaries, such as Zakayev, obtain their money?

There are different Islamic foundations that render support to these terrorists all over the world; they guarantee them a refuge in Moslem countries and financial support.

- And is there anyone in Chechnya who protects people involved in slave trade and drug traffic? Could the Ministry for Internal Affairs and the FSB be connected with it?

Every family has its black sheep. And it was reported several times that Boris Berezovsky is on friendly terms with some people in the Ministry for Internal Affairs.

The interview was prepared by Ilya Tarasov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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