Sensation: Apostle Jacob’s Coffin Made by Aliens

Scientists have discovered that the coffin of Jesus Christ’s brother was made of an unknown material

A sensation happened in the world of science. Specialists are certain that they found a stone of nonearthly origin hidden under the coffin of Jeasus Christ’s brother.

The news about the incredible discovery was reported by Western news agencies. They reported that that the coffin of Jacob was found, the brother of Jesus. According to the Bible, Apostle Jacob was the only step-brother of Jesus Christ. Jacob became the first bishop of Jerusalem.

Specialists and archeologists who examined the finding affirmed that it is priceless. They stated that the finding is equivalent to the discovery of Troy. The following Aramaic writings are on the off-color coffin: “Jacob, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.”

Peter Anrik, a private collector of antiques, said that he purchased the coffin for $700 in an antique shop. This was 15 years ago. He said that he was not really willing to buy that stone, because it did not look really nice as an interior decoration. However, stayed in the collector’s house. The stone was “unveiled” after Peter got acquainted with a professor of Biblical archeology, Andre Lemer. Peter invited him to come to his house and translate the tombstone’s writings.

As soon as Lemer translated the inscription, he realized that he made an incredible discovery. Lemer turned the whole scientific world upside down. Tens of specialists have been to Peter’s house since then. They have all concluded that it was the genuine finding. They said that the inscription was carved on the stone in the beginning of the Common Era. Those words might be evidence that Jesus Christ did indeed live. The Ontario Royal Museum in Toronto, Canada has already announced its wish to possess the coffin. The administration of the museum is reportedly ready to pay almost 500 thousand dollars for the right to own the coffin. Collector Peter Anrik believes that the price of the stone is much higher. He turned the offer down and even hired two bodyguards to watch the priceless ancient relic.

Hardly had the controversy settled down when another sensation happened. Andre Lemer said after a certain period of study that it was impossible to determine the composition of the stone. The professor stated that the coffin was made of a material that does not exist on planet Earth. “Hundreds of such coffins have been found in Jerusalem during archeological excavations. The research has showed that they were made in the first century A.D. That is why, the first thought that I had in my head when I saw Jacob’s coffin was there is something wrong with it. The stone differed from all other stones that I saw before. It had very small pores that could hardly be seen. At the same time, it was incredibly solid. After the tests that we conducted in the lab, I can assure you that our planet does not know this material,” said the professor.

However, the professor did not answer where the stone could have come from. Many ufologists, including Russian ones, say that the material of the coffin does not belong to our planet. Dmitry Astrakhantsev, the head of the Ufology and Anomaly Center, said: “Observations and research show that aliens were involved in a lot of things that were happening during biblical times. For example, the birth of Jesus Christ. How can this be explained, the immaculate conception? There is even a hypothesis that says that Mary and Joseph were warned about the birth of their son Jesus. They were informed by aliens –they were thought of as angels, so to speak.”

As is well known, the birth of Jesus was accompanied by the birth of the so-called Star of Bethlehem, which pointed the site of his birth. Maybe, it was not a space star, but an alien spaceship?

As far as Jacob’s coffin is concerned, the most incredible theory is as follows. Aliens decided to mark the site of his burial. The coffin was made in the shape of other coffins, but the aliens made it of their own material, from their planet. They wanted the coffin to be preserved for hundreds of years as some sort of sign for us. One could suppose that the coffin plays the role of a radio beacon, transmitting some information, but this is not really believable.

By the way, it has recently transpired that the prime minister of Canada evinced interest in the finding. Therefore the coffin will be taken to a secret governmental lab to be examined and studied there.

Father Sergey, from the Church of the Holy Trinity in Moscow commented on the issue. “The Church rejects the existence of aliens, so any discussion of this theory is out of the question for me. Both Jesus and his brother were canonized. This means that they could work miracles. One could assume that a miracle happened after Jacob’s death and his energy was passed to the stone, and it obtained unusual qualities. Speaking about Jacob’s remains, it is a sin to exhume a burial. A person who disturbed Jacob’s ashes will never be forgiven as well as the person, who kept the coffin in his home for so long. I believe that people should forget the idea of studying the stone. The coffin should be buried again, forever.

Based on the materials of the newspaper Sobesednik

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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