Putin Denounces Plans for Radical Islamic worldwide Caliphate

Vladimir Putin declared in Brussels on Monday that radical Islamic groups are planning to systematically annihilate non-Moslems and to create a worldwide Caliphate.

He added that western civilisation was at risk of being attacked by terrorists, these attacks being more than sporadic one-off attacks. Rather, they are, in the opinion of Vladimir Putin a “concerted effort and programme” by an organisation which has a global structure and which has the intention to commit murderous atrocities in the name of Islam.

Vladimir Putin also declared that there was a possibility that this organisation (Al-Qaeda) already has nuclear weapons. He did not hesitate to point out that the terrorists operating in Chechnya are part of this worldwide league of extremists and indeed are in constant contact with Osama Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda. Western sources repeatedly refer to the Chechens as “separatists” who want to fight for their independence, whereas the reality is quite different.

The Chechen terrorists are a small part of the 850,000 Chechen population, most of whom despise the bandits for what they are: common criminals with connections to international crime, posing in the name of Islam and separatism to gain sympathy for their cause from the ignorant or from those who periodically like to attack Russia.

President Putin declared that if the West does not deal effectively with the Chechen question, acts such as those perpetrated in Moscow and Bali will become commonplace all over the world.


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