Besides Blair, British Have Heads Screwed on Straight

Britsh people say Blair echoes George Bush
Results of opinion polls are not obliging by themselves. What is to follow next when a group of people are asked questions about the issues of the day and their opinions on important problems are learnt? Absolutely nothing! At least, such opinion polls have practically no influence upon the powers-that-be. The authorities must demonstrate their persistence in attaining goals, as the population likes goal-accomplishing politicians, even though people consider such goals dubious.

The US president currently has a goal. George Bush II may consider his life a success only when Saddam Hussein is liquidated, and the US president would like Hussein to disappear completely. The desire to topple the Iraqi government has already developed into an obsession for George II. Of course, British Prime Minister Anthony Blair obediently follows the Bush obsession.

Fortunately, the rest of the British population have their heads screwed on straight. This fact is confirmed by notorious opinion polls. According to a recent one held by the Guardian’s request, 32% of the British population consider American President George W. Bush to be the main threat to the world. However, a larger number of people dislike Saddam Hussein (49%). This is the result of CNN’s propaganda carried out for the past year, propaganda telling people where threats to the world are coming from.

What is more, two-thirds of those questioned think that the reasons for possible attack at Iraq have nothing to do with any noble desire to overthrow the Baghdad ‘dictator,” but in the fact that the USA fears losing control over the Mideast situation. In addition, over 50% of the respondents also criticized the British prime minister. They say that Anthony Blair simply parrots George Bush’s words.

To tell the truth, the poll’s results were not a big surprise. It is an open secret that ordinary British people are more amicable toward Iraq than the British government. However, as was mentioned above, the authorities like to demonstrate their firmness of purpose. And the British authorities are not an exception in this case. Thus, forget the polls, and get ready for war!

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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