Farewell to Diabetes - 15 November, 2002 - News

Russian scientists continue to develop new methods to fight diabetes

PRAVDA.Ru touches upon the issue of diabetes quite often in its articles. We try to inform our readers about the struggle with this horrible disease, which has affected Russia so terribly.

One of the positive signs in this field is the start of a new scientific program. The program is entitled “The Research of Diabetes Complications.” This program is to be implemented in many regions of Russia.

Academician Ivan Dedov gave an interview to PRAVDA.Ru. Ivan Dedov supervises the scientific work of the Diabetes Center of the Russian Healthcare Ministry. A group of scientists has been developing new methods to help diabetes patients. This work has been carried on for two years already.

The Federal program “Diabetes” was launched in 1996. We set forth the idea of scientific expeditions in the regions of Russia. It was very important for us to establish a special mobile scientific, research, and medical center. We wanted the center to be equipped with all necessary things: up-to-date labs and medical equipment. We managed to accomplish this. This will be like a big bus with work stations, a mobile laboratory, so to speak. This lab will allow one to work and help people not only in large cities, but also remote towns and villages. It will be possible to do this very quickly. We will be able to obtain unique scientific data, as well as to find out the efficiency of preventive measures and treatment. We plan to hold four or five trips a year. The first journey will take place this year , to the city of Kazan. Then, we are planning to travel to St. Petersburg, Rostov, to the Arkhangelsk region, and to some Siberian regions.”

Academician Dedov said that the expeditions will be carried out with the participation of leading endocrinology specialists of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A group of specialists will stay in a region for a month. This amount of time will be enough to examine hundreds of patients, the most life-threatening cases, and to give requisite recommendations for further efficient treatment.

The implementation of the mentioned program is supposed to introduce modern technology practice in to field of diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of diabetes. It will also help to develop medical suggestions on the regional and federal levels.

The chairman of the inter-regional public movement Health of the Nation, Valery Volodin, added that the program is being implemented in Russia for the first time. The program is being implemented on the base of the plan that was approved by the Russian Healthcare Ministry. As Mr.Volodin said, no one has ever managed to cure a human being of diabetes: “We need only the correct methods of treatment.”

Well, we would like to wish the scientists and doctors the best of luck in their hard work. They can achieve a lot, if there is a joint team of people working on this or that subject. We would like to recall here that a group of sports physiologist, presided over by Svetlana Kasatkina, developed a unique method to treat diabetes. Specialists have suggested conducting an experiment in a secondary school of Moscow or any other city to show indisputable advantages of the newly developed method.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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