Sex Will Save World Economy

Sex still makes the world go round

An exchange default is nothing in comparison with an orgasm. Sexually satisfied employees contribute a lot to economic development. These conclusions were made at the international conference on sexual issues, which opened in Singapore.

Emil Nge, the founder of the Asian Federation of Sexology, believes that sexual health does not only imply the absence of diseases or dysfunction. “Sexually satisfied employees will provide for the well-being and productivity of the whole nation. When the economy experiences hard times, people’s sexual activity decreases. It basically happens over financial issues, not sexual ones. This is like a vicious circle,” said Nge. The participants of the conference also acknowledged that some religious myths might result in social problems that exert negative influence on work capacity.

The fields of sexuality and the economy met each other back in the 1960s. The invention of morning after pills helped to control the birth rate. In addition, those pills helped a lot of women to deal with their careers. Yet, the sexual revolution was gradually passing by. Moral traditions were winning the battle, and old problems were pushed in the background of the human consciousness.

However, as experience shows, the psychological basis of a person has not been drastically changed over the years and years of history. Human psychology basically remains the same, despite all the moral tricks and ruses of the civilization. Hunger, sex, and violence still play a very important role in people’s lives. Traditional morality tries to suppress the human features of a human being. This is not good either for the humanity, the global community, or the global economy.

Based on the materials from Frog.Ru website

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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