Flying Cities Aren't Fantasy

At the end of 1997, the Chile Air Force Command announced the creation of a Commission for the study of anomalous atmospheric phenomena; the commission was to be attached to the Civil Aviation Central Board. Director of the Civil Aviation College Colonel Enzo Dinosera was appointed head of the commission.

Chile’s largest daily La Tercera revealed a tiny secret: the commission was created on the initiative of the ex-commander of the Chilean Air Force, Ramon Vega, who is currently a senator. The senator himself saw UFOs twice and believes that UFOs actually exist, which is why he isn’t going to waste time proving their existence.

In 1988, the crew of a spy plane saw “the lights of a city,” and they thought that it was the city of Antofagasta, the largest city in the north of Chile. However, suddenly the “city” took off and flew! The plane’s crew was scared to death and immediately made their way back to their base.

Another flying city was seen in April 1996 in southern Chile. Aircraft mechanic Joaquin Himenes from the Los-Cerrilos airport in Santiago saw a huge UFO in October 1996. The mechanic said, “The UFO traveled at a speed of about 50 miles per hour. The object was surrounded with a green phosphoric glow; it approached the landing strip and hovered in the air right before the air traffic controllers’ cabin. Then, it dropped down, and a red light was flashing, but it didn’t touch the ground. Finally, the object soared upwards and flew away northward. The whole event lasted 15 minutes.”

Himenes saw a UFO even before. He was a member of a crew flying from Punta-Arenas to Puerto-Williams on December 14, 1992. He said, “We saw an orange glowing ball about two meters in diameter, and this ball followed us. The pilot contacted air traffic control and asked if they saw anything else besides the plane. The controllers answered that the radar registered some object, but according to the flight schedule, no other planes should have been in the area. The orange ball followed us right up to Puerto-Williams, and then it flew away towards the Atlantic coast.”

Gustave Rodrigues, who worked as an air traffic controller for 27 years, was appointed secretary of the newly created commission. Rodrigues said, “I have a taped conversation between a pilot and an air traffic controller near the airport of Ariki. The pilot said that when an UFO approached the plane, there were some problems with the communication system. When the tape is played, it seems that the pilot spoke a long phrase, but only the very beginning and end were recorded.”

The stories about so-called “flying houses” are the most strange ones among the recently registered UFO cases in Chile. The first occurred on April 16, 1990, when an UFO overturned a house. Investigator Raul Hayardo says that he interrogated the witnesses and took pictures of the site. “A red semicircular object with white flashing lights flew directly above one of the buildings at a very low height of about ten meters.” The Balboas were quietly sleeping in their house. The UFO flew above the left side of the building and lifted it a little. Then, the house fell on its side, and the front door was blocked. The Balboas family had to break off some planks to get out of their house. The saw the strange object go up and hit some transmission objects. A bright flash followed. Finally, the UFO vertically soared up and disappeared into the sky after several seconds.

Mister Balboa said, “The thing resembled a flaming ball. While I was staring at it, our home collapsed.” When the site was examined later, people saw that some plants were slightly or completely burnt.

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