Crazy Woman Scares American General

Former FBI agent tells a story about a mysterious woman in Alabama

Can you imagine that one of the world’s most powerful armies was frightened by one woman who seemed to be a mentally unbalanced individual? This is what happened back in 1939, when an American general had to deal with an anonymous woman, who lived in a desert. It happened one fine morning in Alabama.

An eyewitness of that event, a former FBI agent, never said a word about that incident for years. He told his story to a Mexican magazine when he felt that he was getting on in years.

Back in those days, security agencies used to work in close cooperation with military men to implement several projects. One day, an FBI agent and his assistants got a notice, which said that a fortune teller told a colonel some interesting facts about his work. That information was categorized as top secret. The colonel reported that incident to his chief, and the latter informed Washington. Washington called the FBI, which started an investigation.

Our eyewitness was to supervise the entire work on the subject. He had to leave for the countryside in Alabama, where the alleged fortune teller lived. Two other agents traveled there with him. When they arrived, they found the woman sitting in her house. The agents showed her their IDs. The agents asked the woman to answer a few questions, but before the conversation started, she smiled to them and said that she was not a fortune teller. A surprised agent said that no one said that she was actually a fortune teller. The woman smiled again and said that she was aware of that. She added that she thought the FBI was going to ask her about it anyway. This statement confused our agent, because it was exactly the thing that he was thinking of at that moment.

Then the agent asked her if she knew why the FBI came to see her. She sat still for a while and then said that they came to her house because she said something to a military man, something about his work at a military base. The woman said that she told him the things that he saw in his head. The agent was intrigued. He asked her if she could read the minds of every human being. The woman answered that it was really so.

The woman said that she could do it all the time, before time was born. Then she said that she came from another world. The agent thought that the woman had lost her mind. However, he decided to play her game. He asked her why she came to planet Earth if she did not live there before. The woman said that she had to take care of something on the planet. The agent wondered what it was, and the woman said that it was none of his business. The agent thought that it would be better to take her to town and ask questions there. But before he uttered those words, the woman said that she was not going anywhere at all. The agent turned to his colleagues and asked them to take the woman out of the house to the car.

An assistant could hardly make a step towards the woman. All of a sudden, he had a cramp attack. The woman was sitting there quietly, asif nothing was going on. She just said that if they were going to do something to her, she wouldn’t let them leave her house. The agent said that he would not make her go anywhere. The cramps suddenly stopped. The woman warned the agents that she was aware of their intention to come back with more men to help. She warned the agents that she would not be responsible for the consequences of such an action. She also added that she would not leave for any interrogations or conversations either. She said that if they wanted to see what she could do, she would show them. The agents asked her to explain. The woman said that they should choose an uninhabited territory, a huge space of 250 square kilometers. She said that FBI should set up its posts on the four corners of the territory and then inform her.

The FBI agents thought that it would be better for them to leave. They headed for headquarters and reported everything that happened to them. Their chief called the military. A general came to the office several hours later. He said that he was going to fulfil the woman’s requirements, to put an end to all the jokes and then arrest her. The general said that there were several range grounds in the desert that could be used for the woman’s experiment.

The next day, the general called the FBI and said that everything was ready, just as the woman wanted it. The general and an FBI agent drove to the place where the mysterious fortune teller lived. When they arrived to the woman’s house, she was sitting on the porch, waiting for them to come. The men got out of the car and approached the house. The agent did not have to introduce the general to the woman: she said that she was aware of everything. The woman asked the general if there was any air traffic above the chosen territory. The answer to that question was negative. No one had any idea of what was going to happen.

The general asked the woman when she was going to show them the things that she promised before. He added that if she was making a joke, she would be jailed in return. She answered that if someone was going to come back and bother her again in the future, the show that they were about to see would pale in comparison then.

The general was soon informed that there was no living being on the territory. A reconnaissance group reported that every plant on the territory died, as well as all insects and little animals. They said that all birds that happened to fly above the territory fell down dead. The general ordered FBI agents not allow the information to become public anywhere. He also ordered that the woman and her house be left alone and to forget about her for good.

As far as our eyewitness knows, no one bothered the woman again. The former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that he was aware of the fact that his story was more like a science fiction movie. Yet, he assured that it was true.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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