Supervision over anti-terrorist operation in North Caucasus to be handed over to Russian Interior Ministry

Russian Deputy Interior Minister and Russian State Secretary Vladimir Vasilyev said Tuesday that supervision over anti-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus could be handed over from the Federal Security Service (FSB) to the Russian Interior Ministry. According to Mr. Vasilyev, this issue is being considered taking into account the situation in the Chechen Republic.

"At the same time", stressed Russian Deputy Interior Minister, "the decision to hand over the supervision over the operation would not be taken tomorrow or the day after tomorrow." "However, it can be taken in the near future," emphasized Mr. Vasilyev. He added that the situation in the Republic was improving and it would be unnecessary for the Russian Defense Ministry to take part in law enforcement operations because the police had enough resources to do it.

Mr. Vasilyev said that the Russian Interior Ministry was actively setting up law enforcement bodies on the permanent basis in Chechnya. 'We will finish it in the near future', assured Mr. Vasilyev. However, he does not think it will be possible to finish it this year. Staff selection and staff retraining account for it.

Russian Deputy Interior Minister stated that some things had taken turn for the best in Chechnya this year. In particular, tax proceeds from oil production as well as harvest is gradually increasing. It proves that order is partially restored. Mr. Vasilyev emphasized that "all attempts of Chechen terrorists to destabilize the situation in the Republic were a flop". He added that all sallies made by Chechen terrorists meant to intimidate peaceful population.'

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