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Deputy Mitrofanov suggests that a monument to former KGB chairman Andropov should be erected on Lubyanka Square
When autumn begins, political life in Russia traditionally gets busy; however, no significant events have happened yet this autumn, but some deputies have decided to focus on trivial problems: they cracked down on beer advertising and began discussions on which monument should stand on Lubyanka Square (this is the place in Moscow where the former KGB building stands).

Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Liberal-Democratic Party (LDPR) faction in the Duma, Alexey Mitrofanov, suggested that a monument to former KGB Chairman Yury Andropov should be erected on Lubyanka Square.

In Mitrofanov’s words, “Yury Andropov isn’t such a controversial figure as Felix Dzerzhinsky, a monument to whom used to stand on the square in the Soviet era.” The deputy says that KGB Chairman Andropov used to enjoy great authority in the USSR and abroad. He also added that it was under his watch that majority of today’s authorities started successful careers. However, Duma deputies declined the suggestion to include the question of erecting a monument to Andropov on Lubyanka square on today’s agenda. Only 23 deputies supported Mitrofanov’s initiative. Any reasonable man understands what Deputy Mitrofanov implied when he mentioned today’s officials who started their career under Andropov in the KGB; his words are directly associated with President Putin. And the initiative itself sounds like a suggestion: Let’s not waste time on trifles and erect a monument to Putin. From time to time, political cataclysms occur in Russia in October instead of August (it is known that several cataclysms that were tragic for Russia occurred in August).

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Photo: Dzerzhinsky monument in Lubyanka

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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