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Creators of Russia's new super weapons arrested for their dead souls

Creators of Russia's new super weapons Kinzhal hypersonic missile complex, Peresvet laser complex, Poseidon underwater nuclear vehicle and Sarmat nuclear missile, with a high degree of probability, were forced to use "dead souls or deadheads" at certain stages of their work, academicians Valery Vikhrov and Konstantin Sivkov believe.

According to them, the creators of Russia's new weapons were forced to become criminals, because the law that they had to break did not correspond to the reality of life, so the scientists had to break the law to do their work and fulfil their task.

The comments from the academicians came in response to the recent arrest of the leaders of Russia's major research and development organizations. It goes about Alexander Gomzin, chief designer of the Simonov Design Bureau, and Sergei Chvarkov, deputy head of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

The scientists were arrested on suspicion of the use of so-called "dead souls and deadheads." This term designates highly qualified scientists, who are formally included in the team of engineers, but take no part in the project. Afterwards, when employees receive their payments, the money is distributed among all participants of the project, including deadheads. They subsequently send the money to real participants of the project.

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