Satanism on the Move in Russia

Rock music is evil, according to Father Anatoly

Celibate Priest Anatoly Berestov believes that Satanism has a tendency for development nowadays. Celibate Priest Anatoly is a Doctor of Medical Sciences. He chairs a center for the rehabilitation of people who have suffered from totalitarian sects and occults.

Father Anatoly gave an interview to the website Credo.Ru. In the interview, Father Anatoly said that the situation with drug addicts has improved and has become more stable. In his opinion, this is because of the huge educational effort. This work is conducted both by the Russian Orthodox Church and the media.

However, the situation with occultism is absolutely different. “Satanism has a tendency for growing, and this tendency is a very threatening one,” said Father Anatoly. “Satanism is closely connected with people’s lifestyles. We are now looking at the West, at the USA, and this trash basically comes from there.”

Rock music, which is very popular in Russia now, also originates from the West. From time to time, rock bands get together for a grand show under such slogans as “No Drugs,” “Rock Against Drugs,” and the like. However, Father Anatoly believes that this is open propaganda for drugs: “As a doctor, and as a priest, I am certain that rock music is a straight road to drug addiction. Those people who organize those shows do not actually realize that. Probably, they don't realize this on purpose.”

The news agency New Region has recently reported with reference to the Orthodox Newspaper that there were satanic symbols found on one of the graves at a cemetery in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg. There was a large piece of paper found on one of the graves. The paper was fixed to the grave with nails. There was a pentagram on the paper and other satanic symbols as well. The paper was surrounded with burnt candles and small, painted stones.

Father Vladimir from the Ekaterinburg eparchy hopes that law-enforcement bodies will not ignore such satanic vestiges in the center of the city. Needless to mention, the police will not be able to suppress this; the problem is much larger. Father Anatoly is sure that Satanism is strictly connected with a person's lifestyle and with the aggressive mass culture that has poured into Russia from the West since the beginning of the 1990s.

Like they say in Russia, a holy place is never vacant. One has to think of a way to fill the spiritual gap that was formed after the crash of the communist ideology of the USSR. This gap is very good for various fake missionaries of Satanism. However, needless to mention, this fight cannot be won without the support of the state and law-enforcement bodies.

Pyotr Bely PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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