Diapers for Americans, WC for Russians on Federation spacecraft

A full-fledged WC will be installed in the Russia's Federation spacecraft which is being now developed. Astronauts will be able to attend an isolated cabin, rather than sit in diapers all the way, as Americans do.

Russian astronauts will have not only a curtain, but a real private zone.

'Effective work of the crew depends on this issue: if a person feels comfortably, he works effectively, it means that safety requirements of the flight are met. Now 3D-modelling is being carried out,' Mark Serov, Head of the Flight Test Department at the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, revealed.

Answering a question why the Russian developers haven't refused a space toilet in favour of diapers used by the NASA, Serov said, 'It is not serious to walk in diapers for a week'.

The Federation spacecraft is meant for delivery of people and cargo to near-to-Earth orbit, and even to the Moon. The number of crew members will make up 4 people. The spacecraft will be able to operate autonomously for as long as 30 days, and up to a year on an orbital station.


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