Mexico: Massacre in Tlatelolco Square

On 2nd October, 1968, elements of the Mexican army opened fire on a student demonstration in Tlatelolco Square, after national and foreign intelligence operatives had infiltrated the movement to find out who the ringleaders were. As 8,000 young men and women packed into the square, the troops opened fire.

Official statistics state that 37 people were killed. Independent figures mention up to 400 murders. The massacre took place during the presidency of Gustavo Dias Ordaz (1964 to 1970). The troops, some in uniform and others in plain clothes, opened fire on the students, shooting indiscriminately, because they were demanding a better education and equal rights for all.

In an investigation carried out by the journalist Carlos Mendoza, working for the Mexican newspaper “La Jornada”, it is claimed that General Luis Gutierrez Oropesa “allowed the US advisors to instruct the personnel of the Presidential Armed Force during the student conflict and order the officers of this corps to commit terrorist activities against the students”.

Another document from the US State Department admits that the massacre occurred, but blames General Oropesa for “exceeding his functions”, deliberately changing the orders from his commanding officer, General Barragan.


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