Satan 2: World's most powerful nuclear weapon exposed

Russia's State Rocket Center named after Makeyev has declassified first photos of MS-28, Sarmat missile, better known as "Satan 2". The nuclear capacity of the new missile is enough to wipe out the US East Coast in a few minutes. 

The "Satan 2" missile appears on the website of the design bureau under the title "Experimental design work "Sarmat." The state contract for the development of the new missile was signed in June 2011. The purpose of its creation is to ensure guaranteed and effective implementation of nuclear deterrent tasks by Russia's strategic forces.

The new "Satan-2" missile will replace RS-36M "Satan" - the intercontinental missile nuclear complex that was developed in the 1970s by Yuzhnoye Design Bureau.

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"Satan 2" has thus become the world's most powerful weapon. The capacity of the missile is 40 megatons, which is 2,000 times the capacity of the bombs that the USA dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

According to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Russia's current SS-18 Satan warhead can destroy 3/4 of the State of New York, while 5-6 warheads will be able to wipe out all the US East Coast. One Satan-2 missile can carry up to a dozen of such warheads.

Satan 2 will be put into operation in 2018.


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