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I like stories on scientology very much and thank you for the invitation to say what readers think about the problem. Let me introduce myself, my name is Mikhail Romanov and I was born in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. I lived in the Ukraine for some time, then worked in Germany and Scotland. Currently I am living in the U.S. I would like to share my personal impressions and ideas with PRAVDA.Ru readers. Recently I had a conversation with a colleague from the Ukraine who refuses to understand or adopt Orthodoxy, but at the same time attends a subsidiary of the American Full Gospel Church (Is there a Gospel which isn’t full?)in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhje, home of the Charismatic Church. So, every man follows his own way of experiencing spiritual life, some experience the phenomena earlier and some later. I would like to say for my own part that since the time of perestroika, I have studied many things. I took interest in neo-Protestant manifestations, in theosophy (the Rerichs’ teaching for example), in pseudo-Christian studies, Iegova Witnesses, even esoteric and so on. However, each of these interests passed in due time. For instance, I lost my interest in esotericism when I learned from the Brokgauz-Efron dictionary that the secret study was the same as occultism. (It is strange but the online version of the Brokgauz-Efron dictionary is based upon its minor edition issued in 1907 in St.Petersburg, where unfortunately we can’t find all the information published in the major edition). Another interesting thing I learned was that Shambala was the abode of evil spirits which completely changed my view on the Rerichs’ teaching. I got information from different sources which helped me in making my own view on the subject. It is the struggle for subjection of human minds and souls. For instance, a grand-scale system of propaganda was set up in the U.S. to brainwash and control the population, through a network of thousands of so-called churches. Here is the list of churches situated in Lancing, Michigan: Churches (114) Churches-African Methodist Episcopal (3) Churches-Anglican (1) Churches-Apostolic (7) Churches-Apostolic Faith (2) Churches-Assemblies Of God (12) Churches-Baptist (50) Churches-Baptist-American (6) Churches-Baptist-Conservative Baptist Association (1) Churches-Baptist-General (1) Churches-Baptist-General Association Of Regular Baptist (1) Churches-Baptist-General Conference (1) Churches-Baptist-Independent (8) Churches-Baptist-Missionary (1) Churches-Baptist-National Convention-USA (2) Churches-Baptist-North American (1) Churches-Baptist-Southern (5) Churches-Bible (5) Churches-Brethren (1) Churches-Buddhist (2) Churches-Catholic (25) Churches-Charismatic (1) Churches-Christian (2) Churches-Christian Methodist Episcopal (1) Churches-Christian Science (2) Churches-Christian-Disciples Of Christ (1) Churches-Christian-Reformed (2) Churches-Church Of Christ (6) Churches-Church Of Christ-Christian (6) Churches-Church Of God (5) Churches-Church Of God In Christ (10) Churches-Church Of God-Anderson (3) Churches-Church Of God-Cleveland (2) Churches-Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints (9) Churches-Church Of The Brethren (1) Churches-Church Of The Nazarene (18) Churches-Community Of Christ (3) Churches-Congregational (7) Churches-Eastern Catholic (2) Churches-Eckankar (1) Churches-Episcopal (8) Churches-Evangelical (2) Churches-Evangelical Covenant (1) Churches-Evangelical Free (1) Churches-Free Methodist (6) Churches-Friends-Quaker (1) Churches-Full Gospel (7) Churches-Full Gospel Non-Denominational (2) Churches-Hindu (1) Churches-Independent Fundamental (1) Churches-Interdenominational (4) Churches-Jehovah's Witnesses (10) Churches-Lutheran (2) Churches-Lutheran-Evangelical Lutheran Church In America (11) Churches-Lutheran-Missouri Synod (11) Churches-Lutheran-Wisconsin Synod (7) Churches-Mennonite (2) Churches-Methodist (7) Churches-Missionary (1) Churches-Non-Denominational (32) Churches-Orthodox (3) Churches-Pentecostal (9) Churches-Pentecostal Church Of God (3) Churches-Pentecostal-United (1) Churches-Presbyterian-Orthodox (1) Churches-Presbyterian-USA (10) Churches-Prophetic (1) Churches-Reformed Church In America (2) Churches-Sabbath Observing (1) Churches-Seventh-day Adventist (6) Churches-Spiritualist (1) Churches-Unitarian Universalist (1) Churches-United Brethren In Christ (4) Churches-United Church Of Christ (9) Churches-United Methodist (43) Churches-Unity (2) Churches-Various Denominations (1) Churches-Vineyard (1) Churches-Wesleyan (6) Churches-Word Of Faith (1) Convents & Monasteries (2) Mosques (1) Masonic Temples (11) Isn’t this too much? Figures in brackets mean the number of temples and chapels in each of the denominations. If the brackets are opened, you will be amazed at the variety of churches; you never know to what denomination each church may belong. Churches mentioned in the first line (114) are not included in the following categories. So, there are 568 churches or institutions of this kind in a city with a population of 127,000. The list of churches isn’t a complete one, as there are no synagogues mentioned on it. And it’s not clear which church is to be attended. Why is the number of churches in the city so great? The same can be observed in any other city or state. There are lots of round-the-clock TV channels broadcasting programs of an allegedly religious, or Christian nature. What are the programs about? They demonstrate gatherings of people which look very much like brainwashing hypnotist performances or pop-concerts. What can they teach the people? What do they want to say to the people living thousands kilometers from the US borders. It is said: “Beware of pseudo-prophets in sheep’s clothing who visit you, as they are predatory wolves under the clothing.” Another problem-- where is the financing for the churches coming from, and for what purpose? You already know perfectly well what is going on toward the American Catholic church. Against this background, I realize one thing-- the churches with a history that makes up over 1,000 years, I mean the Orthodox and Catholic ones, are not only unpopular in the U.S., but are even victimized there. What is more, nobody among those who rule America actually need religion; the society is permeated with anti-religious and immoral principles and the great number of churches were opened in the U.S. only with the purpose of befogging people’s minds. I would venture to say the main objective of U.S. policy is to gain the universal domination, thrust its American pseudo-culture and its standards, including even religious ones upon the rest of the world. It also aims to break people’s morals and national dignity. The people carrying on thius policy use the creed of ancient conquerors: Divide and Empera! Americans also strongly believe that in order to capture another nation one shouldn’t destroy it physically, it is quite enough to beat it in an ideological struggle. Although, American uranium-filled bombs are good enough to drop on Orthodox Serbs or Serbian churches with the Soviet Union and Yugoslavian Federation falling victim to this policy. Benny Hinn wasn’t mistaken when he called his mission a crusade. Indeed, a real ideological intervention has been launched. As we know, much is seen from far away, especially when looking at Russia or the Ukraine from the American point of view. Why did all these millionaire missionaries come? Do they want to turn Russians into Ivans who don’t feel their kinship and blindly worship the golden calf. Introduction of the neo-Gospel teaching in Russia is in fact Americanization of the Slavic nation. Michael Romanov, Michigan, USA

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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