Mysterious Ocean Lights and Underwater Aliens

Strange, unexplained phenomena observed

The World Ocean… What do we know about it? The most ancient forms of underwater life exist extreme depths, causing mysterious phenomena, for example, luminescence of the ocean: giant wheels rotating with great speed, luminous lines crossing the ocean from one skyline to the other, and huge fluorescent streaks rising from the depth.

These phenomena were observed from the ship Bintang in 1909 and described by I. Gitelson in his book “Living Light of the Ocean.” “Waves of light were moving from west to east. Gradually, they took the shape of long rays coming from one center at the skyline and rotating clockwise. These rays were not straight, but concave. The whole system was moving, while reducing the speed of its movement, and gradually it vanished all together.”

And now a case of light illumination observed a year earlier in the Ochotsk Sea from the ship Ochotsk: “Suddenly, an unusual green-white light broke out under the stern, which soon occupied most of the water’s surface. This luminous surface had an oval shape and moved for some time together with the ship, then gradually separated from it and flew ahead of it. It moved away fast and shone as a strip.”

Now, let us be carried to North-Chinese Sea, to the year 1893. The British ship Caroline. The officer on the watch noticed some unusual lights between the ship and Mount Aucland. While the officer watched them, they gathered into a heap or lined up. The ship was moving at a speed of 7 knots, and the line of lights also moved at the same speed. Around midnight, they vanished.

In 1977, the Soviet newspaper Nedelya wrote about the same phenomena. The luminescence was observed by Vladimir Vorobyov from a Soviet research ship. “After having completed an ocean investigation, the team suddenly noticed a white light rotating clockwise at a distance of 150 or 200 m, which split into eight parts. A sonar device registered a depth of 170 m and showed the presence of a big mass under the keel at a depth of 20 m. After 30 minutes, the luminescence disappeared.

In 1976, Bulgarian sailors Yulia and Doncho Popasov carried out a world tour on their 8-m ship. In late April, they saw large circles of light circles on the water surface, which were sliding past. The sailors got the impression that, from the ocean depths, a searchlight shone. Yulia even heard a moan behind his back. She turned around, and something very huge seemed to hang over her. Then she saw a large light approaching the ship. It had the shape of a ship with people onboard.

Were they aliens? Sometimes, mysterious lights have also been seen in the sky.

Once, US scientist A. Sanderson in his article “Aboriginal of Sea Depths” expressed a risky thought about an underwater civilization existing on Earth. If we look for extraterrestrial intellect in space, why not to look for it in ocean, which gave life to land? In this way, professor Sanderson explains some strange phenomena.

In his article, Sanderson refers to the well-known book by Thor Heyerdahl about his Kon-Tiki trip. One gloomy night, the steersman noticed a dim blaze over the water, which gradually took the shape of an animal. The ghostly creature always changed its shape. Sometimes it was round, sometimes oval, sometimes triangular, then it suddenly split up to two parts, which separately moved under the raft.

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