Archaeologists Puzzled: an Alien or Just a Retarded Child

A messenger of a highly developed civilization of Alfa Centaurus, with a head in the shape of a space helmet – in this way, this odd creature looks something from an archive film. It was found in 1996 in a small settlement of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Regional newspapers published photographs of one more strange individual. Diguci Masao, producer of the Japanese TV company Asahi TV, offered 200 thousand dollars to the person who could sell him the 21-cm mummy.

“If even we did not have this dwarf, we would have to invent it,” – newspapers read. The Asahi journalists even came to the settlement to shoot a film about the dwarf. However, nothing particular was reported to the Japanese. Tamara Prosfirina, who is said to have found the creature and even called it Alesha, soon wound up in a mental hospital and later died under strange circumstances. In the film, only fragments of her description could be heard. The woman explains that she found the creature while walking through a forest during a storm.

Where the creature is (or, as others call it, the mummy of an embryo) now, is unknown. New articles about the “extraterrestrial” appear only as new versions of old descriptions, while accumulating new details. In particular, journalists report that the mysterious creature lived with the woman for about a month and ate exclusively yogurt and caramel.

In the city of Yekaterinburg, hot discussions are being held whether to give over or not to give over the mummy to the foreigners. Leading forensic experts of the Ural Region, who examined the las tsar's remains, said that now that mummy or whatever it is should first be examined and only afterwards be given to the Japanese.

“It was found on Russian soil, so it should belong to Russia. However, of course, nothing should be concealed in science. And if the extraterrestrial theory is proved, the facts and the mummy should be the property of whole of humanity,” – expert Vladimir Kroptov believes. Now, regional customs officials are also searching for the extraterrestrial. They say they will not allow the mummy to be smuggled abroad. If necessary, they are ready to send out a description of the mummy to all police stations. Most sensible people in the Ural Region are of the opinion that the customs officials have been fallen prey to the advertising campaign of the Japanese.

Specialists of the Anthropology Institute are sceptical about the case of the extraterrestrial. The chief of anthropology reconstruction laboratory, Tatyana Balueva, said that Alesha might be a very small, stillborn child. “The creature’s arms and legs look like human extremities, while its skull is not completely formed. It could have been a sick child, having a serious pathology. It is most likely a human being,” – Tatyana Balueva states.

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