Killer Russian Bears Knock Off People with Rock Slides

Bears push rocks down from mountains to kill people

The road between the two Russian resort cities Adler and Krasnaya Polyana is becoming more and more dangerous for drivers and passengers. Piles of rocks tumble down upon people’s heads. Dozens of people have already suffered, and several of them died. Law-enforcement bodies blame road services for this.

Twenty-four-year-old resident of the city of Perm, Oleg Sadardinov, took his young wife on a honeymoon to the resort city of Sochi. Oleg’s friend suggested a car ride in the mountains. Driving to the town of Krasnaya Polyana, they suddenly heard a crashing sound. The driver stopped the car, but it was not possible to avoid the falling rocks. Oleg died in a local hospital.

Alexander Sergiyenko, the prosecutor of the Adler region, stated that it was one of the latest tragedies along the road. A girl named Maya Nemudraya was the first victim of rocks last year. When the tragedy happened, everyone thought that it was an accident. A similar accident happened less than a month later. The police decided to carry out special measures to prevent any further deaths. The rock slides stopped.

Another tragic incident happened a couple of months later. Criminal proceedings were instituted in connection with Oleg Sadardinov’s death. The road was blocked for a while, but all restrictions were lifted within five days. Rocks killed a man on the very same day that the road was opened.

Police are trying to find the reason why, but the rock slides continued. Vladimir Tkach, a hunter with 30 years of experience, said this is being caused by wild animals. “I am talking about the dreaded Caucasian bear. I have heard a lot of stories about how it kills cows. A bear sits somewhere in the mountains. As soon as it sees a cow, it starts pushing rocks down. This is the way it kills people. I once saw such a bear with my binoculars. It was there in the mountains, some 300 meters high. We were going to drive several trucks along the road. When our trucks were traveling underneath the place where the bear was, the animal pushed some big rocks down and damaged several trucks. The bears probably do this for their own entertainment. Hunting them is prohibited, and they can find lots of food. I would advise hiring good specialists to shoot these killer bears. There is simply no other way out.”

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