Osama bin Laden in Indonesia

An Israeli woman said that she saw Bin Laden at the Bali airport

The act of terrorism on the resort island of Bali is being investigated. According to the current results of the investigation, the police assumed that the act of terrorism was organized by al-Qaeda. The act was performed by the Indonesian radical group Jemma Islamia.

The mentioning of al-Qaeda was not a surprise in this respect. This is the first association that comes to people's minds when there is an explosion somewhere. Al-Qaeda has already released a lot of statements in which it was promised to blow something up. Most likely, the tragedy on Bali was organized by Osama bin Laden's terrorist group. By the way, al-Qaeda has recently claimed responsibility for the explosion of a French tanker in Yemen on October 6.

NTVRU.Com reported that an Israeli female tourist allegedly saw Osama bin Laden at the airport of Bali ten days before the explosion. Thirty-year-old woman Tami Lalos stated to the Israli daily Maariv that she saw three men in the hall of the airport. She recognized Bin Laden. She said that he was wearing European clothes and had his beard cut a bit. The woman also said that he was carrying a small case in his hand. The case was fixed to his wrist with a chain. Two other men were apparently his bodyguards. Lalos said that they did not want to attract attention, but it was clear that they were with him. An airport attendant came up to Bin Laden several minutes later and gave him his suitcase and took them through customs control.

When the woman returned to Tel Aviv in the beginning of October, she phoned the US embassy to report the information. An act of terrorism happened on Bali nine days later.

It is hard to say if Tami Lalos saw Bin Laden or it was someone else. At any rate, it was reported several months ago that Al-Qaeda leaders (including Bin Laden) probably found a shelter in Indonesia. This country can be a very good hiding place, indeed. Indonesia consists of 15 thousand islands, the majority of which are uninhabited. Needless to mention that no one can guarantee for sure that Bin Laden left Afghanistan (or Pakistan) and moved to Indonesia. On the other hand, terrorists would not let the whole world know about it.

Thus, the act of terrorism in Bali is still a mystery. However, there are almost no doubts that the blast was organized by Islamic terrorists. The investigation will have to determine if it was connected with al-Qaeda or not. Maybe, Washington’s "Axis of Evil" will have another country added to it. Well, Indonesia hasn't been considered a “good country” anyway.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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