Mario Soares: Agreement to not Extradite US Personnel to the ICC “a shame”

Mario Soares declared in the Portuguese Parliament on Tuesday that the decision not to extradite US personnel to the International Criminal Court to be tried for war crimes or crimes against humanity is “senseless” and “defenceless”.

He attacked “the lack of courage and subservience towards a great power” and declared that while Europe does not produce another leader with qualities like Francois Mitterrand or Helmut Kohl, nothing will change.

Mario Soares, two times President of Portugal in the eighties and early nineties, considers the request by the US administration for immunity from prosecution of its personnel as “shameful to the Americans” while the European Union must gain “the capacity to say No”.

On the position of Tony Blair, he stated that “I already said it in Oxford, that while they have one foot in Europe and another in America, they will never know where they are and Great Britain will yet end up as an American colony”.


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