Russia puts only two states on the list of Russia-unfriendly countries

Russia announces its prime enemies - USA and Czech Republic

The Russian authorities declared only two countries - the United States of America and the Czech Republic  - as Russia-unfriendly states. The list, approved by the government, was published on the official website of legal information on Friday, May 14.

"To herewith approve the attached list of foreign states that committ unfriendly actions against the Russian Federation, citizens of the Russian Federation or Russian legal entities," the document says.

It was also clarified that the Czech Republic was allowed to hire no more than 19 Russian employees for the Russian diplomatic mission, whereas the States are not allowed to hire Russian employees for the same purpose at all. 

On April 18, Moscow declared 20 employees of the Czech Embassy persona non grata. The decision was made in response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the republic the day before. Prague believed that they were working undercover for Russian special services, which, in turn, were allegedly linked to the Vrbetice explosions. 

The US-Russian relations deteriorated even more in March of 2021 after US President Joe Biden insulted President Putin by calling him a killer. In addition, on April 15, Biden signed a decree imposing new sanctions on Russia.

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