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Russian scientists who developed a new method for diabetes treatment suggest that a unique experiment should be held at schools
In July, PRAVDA.Ru reported about a unique discovery of Russian scientists: physiologists, biologists, dietitians, and doctors employed in the sports sphere developed a complex but available to all program for the rehabilitation and recovery of diabetes patients. Indeed, the has received a unique chance to stop one of the world's most dreadful diseases. Specialists offer guaranteed prophylaxis of diabetes and effective treatment methods. They say, “this is a disease created by the man himself.” As is known, animals don’t suffer from diabetes at all.

Eighty-five percent of people suffering from diabetes belong to the second type of diabetes. The first type is still very hard to cure, while patients suffering from the second type of diabetes are successfully treated. A group of sports physiologists headed by Doctor Svetlana Kasatkina has developed a program of special exercises for diabetes patients. The exercises develop carbohydrate exchange in the body. Domestic specialists give financial guarantees for diabetes prophylaxis.

Svetlana Kasatkina (she is also the author of a booklet on long-term experiments held for diabetes treatment) gave an interview to PRAVDA.Ru.

“We should all follow the main objective: instead of spending our energy on destruction and work on useless legislations, let’s focus on good deeds! Scientists who developed the new method for diabetes treatment already know how to control the DNA genetic program, to suppress the development of some genes and enhance the development of others, to stop the production of one kind of protein and launch other reactions, and to influence cells to create insulin-producing beta cells. The new recovery program is absolutely safe, and it can be applied to animals and to people. Those who start our new method give up special diabetes pills, which negatively affect the whole body within the first two weeks, and this is the maximum period! The patients give up these pills once and for all. The physiology school in Russia is the best in the world; it often surprises world medicine when it suggests more and more new methods for the treatment of diseases traditionally considered chronic and fatal.”

The booklet Diabetes Treatment Granted by Nature by Svetlana Kasatkina contains the basic principles of carbohydrate exchange development, which is to be developed by all people, as it is an important part of physical development. It is paradoxical that exercises suggested by the special program are completely removed from the school curriculum. At that, the World Health Organization openly warns that is the situation isn’t improved. In fifteen years, it is predicted that every Russian family will have a member suffering from diabetes. As of now, the number of diabetes patients in Russia makes up 10 million people, and this number will double in 15 years.

Specialists who developed the new method of diabetes treatment are ready to provide the case histories of those people who have been cured of diabetes; the case histories can be thoroughly studied at medical institutions. What is more, the scientists are even ready to hold an experiment in any school in Moscow or any other city of Russia (information is available via phone (095) 588-97-93 in Moscow, Russia); the experiment should demonstrate the advantages of the new method. Unfortunately, there are no sponsors or state officials who are ready to help with the realization of the experiment. It is strange, but this new program is seriously opposed in Russia, by the media first of all. The reason why is explained in PRAVDA.Ru’s previous publications dedicated to diabetes.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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