Lavrov: Western partners unable to present any facts

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that statements from European and Western politicians about the presence of Russian troops in the Donbass region of Ukraine were unreasoned and unproven.

"I say it every now and then: if you affirm this with such certainty, then show the facts. But no one can or does not want to present any facts, I don't know," Interfax quoted the Russian Foreign Minister as saying. 

"They can not present any facts that our partners, primarily Ukrainian and American ones, supposedly have regarding as to what happened to the Malaysian Boeing in July of last year," Sergei Lavrov said. 

Noteworthy, senior adviser to the Lithuanian president Jovita Nelupshene stated earlier that there was "irrefutable evidence" about the presence of Russian troops in south-eastern Ukraine. However, it remains unclear what kind of evidence that is. 

US-based economic analyst and writer Christopher Martenson believes that all accusations of Russian-led aggression in Ukraine are unfounded. In his article on the subject, the expert stressed out that neither the US, nor Europe can explain the purpose of such a conflict provocations against Russia.


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