Magadan region counts on youth

In the Magadan region, the authorities actively implement a youth program aimed at the development of patriotic education, support of talented youth, to engage young people in social practices and form youth infrastructure policy.

What is being done for young people in the region that is located so far from capital cities is hard to overestimate. "Magadan students and schoolchildren should have every opportunity to develop their potential for the development of the country and the Magadan region," Magadan region Governor Vladimir Pecheny said.

The funding for the program in 2014 totals more than 35.9 million rubles.

"The solution of issues related to the involvement of young people in social, economic and administrative life should be a priority, especially in such a region as  Magadan, - a member of the committee to support youth initiatives of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the chief of "Sober Russia" project, Sultan Khamzaev, shared his opinion in an interview with Pravda.Ru. - This is a priority for any reasonably developing region - and the Magadan region is one of them."

Magadan may well serve a good example for other remote regions of Russia in terms of young people's fulfillment.

"Of course, the beginnings of the Magadan region are very important. If people are attached to their native land, if they are patriots of their native land, if the state creates certain conditions for them, then the youth, this population, with their work, their actions, their creativity, will contribute greatly to the development of this region and its economy," State Duma deputy, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs Marat Bariev said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. - Naturally, it will produce an effect, people will be creating families and raising children - the demographic situation will change. The Magadan region is an extremely promising territory in terms of educating the youth, because the people, who live there, the northerners, are purposeful, determined and courageous."

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