Ivanovo confirms title of light industry capital

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev conducted an expanded meeting in the Ivanovo region devoted to the development of the textile industry in Russia. The location of the meeting is not incidental as the economic potential of the region is based on light industry.

The participants of the meeting identified basic problems of the industry and ways for their solutions, such as for example, the creation of the regional own base of raw materials.

"There are a number of initiatives, including in the Ivanovo region, to create  companies in cooperation with petrochemical companies for the manufacture of polyester fibers," said Dmitry Medvedev, calling the Ivanovo project a useful one that definitely deserves support.

"The situation in 2014 has changed, the issue of sanctions has become a serious one, especially on such problems as import substitution and development of our own productions, - deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Industry, Pavel Dorokhin said. - Companies of the Ivanovo can handle the challenges, but it will take time, because too many years have been lost ... I think that in two or three years, the Ivanovo region will enter a good level!"

"If they decided to start upgrading light industry in the Ivanovo and other similar regions, it is certainly one of the areas that was developed well enough in Russia. It will be easier for these regions to walk that path," a member of the Federation Council committee for federal structure, regional policy, local self-administration and affairs of the north, Mikhail Marchenko believes.

"Ivanovo, I think, needs state support and state program to support light industry companies. The region can not solve all problems at the expense of its own resources only. However, there are people there, who know how to work accordingly. Human resources are most important at this point."

Experts, whom Pravda.Ru interviewed, noted a high level of activity of the governor of the Ivanovo region, Pavel Konkov, in addressing the challenges that the region faces today. The aspiration of the regional administration to coordinate interaction with federal authorities is particularly noticeable. It remains on quite a high level, which means that the region will be able to respond to challenges.

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