Putin says Russia should not strike another serious blow on Ukrainian economy

Russian banks should not stop working in Ukraine not to strike another blow on the Ukrainian economy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. He is convinced that Russian banks must continue working in Ukraine, despite billions in losses.

"The work, of course, should be continued, first of all, because in the banking sector of Ukraine, Russian financial institutions hold the share of more than 30 percent. If we suspend their work there, it will be an additional, very serious blow to the Ukrainian economy, and we are not interested in, - Putin said at a meeting with the Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Andrey Kostin in Novo-Ogaryovo. - Russia is interested in having a reliable and stable partner. Therefore, despite all difficulties, we must continue working there. As far as I understand, our relationships with the Central Bank of Ukraine are quite friendly."

Andrei Kostin said during the meeting that VTB was experiencing serious problems in Ukraine, reports Interfax. Ерш includes a number of reasons, the banker said, including sharp deterioration of the economic situation in Ukraine, negative growth rate of the economy, as well as quick devaluation of the hryvnia.

"In general, the political situation, the war in Ukraine, led to a sharp decrease in payment discipline. Today, we receive a refund of only a half of what we had given in the crediting work. Our losses since the beginning of the year amounted to about 26 billion rubles, - said Kostin. - Before the end of the year, the losses will double, not to mention acts of vandalism against our offices. They pose a direct threat to our employees. All this, of course, says that the situation there is very difficult to work with."

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