Chicken Vampire with Kangaroo Head Terrorizes Farmers

Is it a giant mutant bat or some beast unknown to science?
Foreign cryptozoologists insist that evidence has been found to prove the legend of the mysterious vampire that has been terrifying villagers in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa-Rica, Spain, and Portugal for many years already.

This time, the mysterious beast played its tricks in Nicaragua. Starting with July 2000, Nicaraguan authorities started receiving information from farmers living in different parts of the country; the farmers complained that sheep and other domestic animals were perishing in a rather strange way throughout the country. Animals were found in their pens with small wounds on their necks; however, they had absolutely no blood in their bodies! Newspapers immediately reported about the legendary beast, which people call Chupakabra (this Spanish word means “the one who drinks goat blood”).

It’s necessary to mention that serious scholars don’t believe in Chupakabra’s existence. Although lots of animals have died in strange ways for the past several decades, specialists disregard reports about the strange mass deaths of domestic animals, because each time reports are supplied with very fantastic statements by witnesses. These statements are so fantastic that it may seem that these people went crazy. One of the latest appearances of Chupakabra was registered in Puerto-Rico in 1995. Farmers asked the local authorities to save them from the strange monster. Famous American professor Shellhorn went to Puerto-Rico to find out whether the complaints about some strange beast were true.

The scientist found out that, since March 1995, hundreds of cases were registered of Chupakabra attacking domestic animals. People of different professions, doctors, businessmen, farmers, tourists, housewives, and even policemen were witnesses of such attacks. According to their statements, Chupakabra is an unusual being with astonishingly mysterious capabilities. For instance, Madeline Tolentino said that Chupakabra could fly, disappear, and reappear again. The woman said she had seen the beast appear on a highway right out of thin air. After several days, Madeline’s husband Miguel Agosto, the owner of a garage, saw his friend running across the road and crying: “Chupakabra is flying above the highway!” Both men rushed to the place where the mysterious beast was seen and saw that the beast was motionless in the air. In Miguel’s words, “it instantly disappeared, but it didn’t fly away; it simply vanished!”

Other witnesses describe more fantastic capabilities of Chupakabra. Here are extracts from publications in the local newspapers. “Every morning, Jesus Sanches from Gurabo found dead bloodless chickens with small holes the size of a nail in their necks. Sanches decided to wait for the malefactor and set an ambush together with his nephew. The men waited for several nights in vain. But once, as soon as the night fell, turmoil began in the hen-house. Sanches rushed out of the shelter and saw a beast similar to the one that other witnesses described as Chupakabra; the beast had a chicken between its teeth. When it saw the men, it dropped its victim and ran away. Sanches managed to hit it on the head with his machete, but the beast wasn’t hurt. The man says that, although the hit was precise, the machete went through the beast like a knife through butter. Sanches heard a sound resembling “the stroke of a stick against an empty keg.” But the mysterious beast wasn’t wounded at all.” “Maria Mohika, who lives 20 miles to the west of San-Juan, says she saw Chupakabra fifteen times over the past 1.5 years! Her husband shot the monster, but in vain. Once they saw strange blue spots right on the place where the beast had stood.”

Based on what witnesses say about the monster, an approximate sketch of Chupakabra was drawn. The beast is about 1.5 meters high when in the vertical position; it is covered with light-brown hair and has a head resembling that of a kangaroo. Chupakabra’s clear eyes are almond-shaped, but when the beast feels in danger, it’s eyes turn red. The legs resemble those of a bird with three webbed toes. Large membranes join the forearms with the body. The beast moves on two legs and does so rather quickly.

Chupakabra has a distinguishing feature, a sharp dorsal fin, which, as witnesses say, sometimes raises and vibrates with humming sounds. When the beast takes off, the fin changes color. What is strange is that witnesses say that Chupakabra doesn’t fly as birds do, it rather soars or glides. Doesn’t this sound like a fairytale or a fantasy? Nothing of the kind, as reports of this kind came from Nicaragua last summer. It is as if farmers from different countries agreed to mystify the scientific world. Once, it was reported that Chupakabra had been shot at a ranch belonging to George Louise Talavera. The farmer was waiting for the vampire that sucked the blood from his sheep for several weeks, but in vain. One night, the man saw the shadow of a figure and shot at it. The wounded “shadow” managed to escape, but its body was found after several days. And although birds already picked at the dead body, it resembled the sketch of the legendary Chupakabra. Zoologist Giokkonda Chavez from Nicaragua investigated the remains of the beast right on the site and said that it had unusual fangs, very large eye-sockets in its skull, and strange bumps on its spine looking very much like that of a crocodile. The skin of the beast was almost bare and has folds like the skin of bats; there were some spots of yellow fur on it. The dead body of the beast is currently being examined scientists in Leon; however, no results have been published yet. Those who believe in Chupakabra’s existence say that the truth may not come to light at all. According to one of the numerous hypothesis (supported by biologist Russel Ramires from Chile), Chupakabra is the result of experiments held on bats in a closed American laboratory. It is quite natural that the laboratory doesn’t want the rest of the world to learn about these experiments. The body of a similar beast was already examined in American laboratories several years ago. But after the tests, biologists said that it was the body of a wild dog. After receiving an official response from the scientists, farmers slightly believed that it could be a dog sucking the blood of its victims.

What is Chupakabra after all? A giant mutant bat or some beast unknown to science? Is it possible that this goat vampire is just the result of rumors, exaggerations, and perhaps even lies of witnesses? It is believed that results of the investigation of the alleged Chupakabra body in Nicaragua will solve the mystery.

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