Ivanovo region stakes on development of industrial parks

The Ivanovo region stakes on industrial parks. Last year, more than 210 million rubles were allocated from the federal and regional budgets for the development of the infrastructure of industrial park "Springs". Industrial parks "Kineshma" and "Ivanovo Voznesensk" that fully operate at the expense of private investors also entered into an active phase of implementation.

Acting Governor of the Ivanovo region, Pavel Konkov, said clearly: "We will be developing industrial parks. In the future, they are quite capable of giving a powerful impetus to the economy - to upgrade infrastructure and launch innovation and investment processes in the region."

"In our country, people often use the terms "industrial park" and "technical park", but everyone put their own meaning into these concepts. Unfortunately, there is no legal definition to the notions of industrial or technical park. If we speak everyday language, a technical park is an ecosystem that accommodates facilities and infrastructure to support small and medium-sized businesses. This is a prototyping center, a center for collective use and certification. An industrial park is an industrial site, where utility lines are often built at the expense of the budget, - the director of the nonprofit partnership Association of Technical Parks in High-Tech Sphere, Andrei Shpilenko, said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. - This is where accomplished businesses come to. It is more comfortable for residents to accommodate themselves in industrial parks because of cheaper electricity, logistics and other communications."

The Ivanovo region decided to follow the path of organizing industrial parks of different forms of ownership - both private and state-owned ones.

"An industrial park is a good format that allows you to use previously inactive sites. Most importantly, it minimizes the risk of monopolization of new directions. Any industrial park has several alternative companies that become residents. Accordingly, a more successful company will make a greater contribution to new specialization areas. This is definitely a positive process. It is important that both regional and federal administrations use tools to support these companies, - Stanislav Naumov, executive director of the Eurasian Center for Integrative Studies and Communications, said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. - One should be more active in public and private partnership. Hopefully, not only regional entrepreneurs, but also investors from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, within the Eurasian economic union, will participate in the work of industrial parks. This is a very convenient form to implement joint industrial policies."

The main thing is to plan and to start. Regional authorities assist in the creation and development of industrial parks through construction and reconstruction of engineering and transport infrastructure, including the development of design and estimate documentation and engineering research. State support is also provided through the provision of tax incentives and information services. The authorities  assist in providing industrial parks with businesses and services of concerned entities. Businesses receive partial subsidies to pay interest costs on loans taken for investment purposes. Assistance for the promotion of products, goods and services is provided as well.

Oganes Oganyan, deputy chairman of the Duma Committee for Property, told Pravda.Ru: "The actions of the Ivanovo region administration for the development of production, creation of clusters and industrial parks are absolutely justified. The goal is to enable small and medium-sized businesses to work successfully, avoid  large investments in start-ups and eventually save funds. The role of the state and  budgetary infusions is, of course, great. If it is private capital that is fully engaged in such projects, it may come down to letting facilities on hire. The goal of a private cluster is primarily to obtain profit. Maybe this is even a better option for a short-term perspective. However, the participation of the state is required to be able to plan for a long-term perspective, with a possibility of providing benefits for the subsequent increase in the tax base. In general, both forms of development are acceptable and can be used depending on specific peculiarities and local conditions of a given territory."

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