Bush Offers Putin 10 Billion for Saddam’s Head

If Russia stops cooperating with Iraq, Russia could account on economical aid in sum of 10 billion dollars

Worthless statements of some politicians who try to prove that negotiations between the US and Russia do not have a “mercenary” character seem to have been destroyed. Americans intend to offer 10 billion dollars on credit if Russia gives up its interest in Iraqi oil and stops supporting Hussein. If Russia stops cooperating with Iraq, Russia could count on economic aid in sum of 10 billion dollars. This was reported by the Associated Press.

The agency, referring anonymous sources in US State Department, reports that the US Congress and the White House are considering the possibility of a transfer agreement with Russia in sum of 10 billion dollars. Moreover, Moscow could also gain easier access to the US market.

George Bush and Vladimir Putin are supposed to discuss this possible bargain in the nearest future. And the latest event in Moscow will only strengthen the US president’s position. It would be stupid to bargain about the sum when our countries have common enemies. And it will be difficult for Vladimir Putin to say anything against this plan to his US colleague.

That is right. However, if the Americans topple the Iraqi government, oil prices will drop, and Iraqi oil will be fully controlled by US oil companies. Therefore, the Russian economy will collapse as it never collapsed before. The 1998 default will look like small trouble. It cannot be excluded that, in this case (just to restrain the country’s integrity and to stifle internal unrest), the Russian government will be forced to hand over authority to special services and military. Democracy will forgotten (at least, for some time). Circumstances like this are foreseen in the Russian Constitution. Therefore, it is questionable whether Putin’s regime needs the US as an ally or it prefers Arab investments in exchange to a strict anti-American position. The US seems not to think about what might happen. US political experts continue to believe that everything is under control and that the main controller is US State Department. However, is this really the case?

In other words, 10 billion, all the more on credit, is not the price for Russia to give up its national interests and sacrifice its citizens’ lives, born and not born, even if we currently have common enemies with the Us. If not for the liberal cries of western community about “human rights” (What about the right of the Al-Qaida gunmen and Chechen terrorists to kill innocent people?) and continual warnings of the US establishment, the Chechnya problem would have been solved long ago.

Why should Russia prostitute itself? And what can 10 billion bring? It would be not enough even to pay off Russia’s debts. And 10 billion would be sufficient only to buy uniforms for and feed the Russian Army To be honest, it is stupid that these negotiations are even possible. Dmitry Slobodyanyuk PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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