Ulyanovsk region does its best to save trees and forests

The Ulyanovsk region holds actions called "Live, forest" and "Plant and grow your tree." The region also takes part in the All-Russian Forest Planting Day and many other activities related to municipal forestry. Last year, more than 130,000 trees and shrubs were planted. This year it is planned to plant a lot more. However, as they say, while some create, others destroy.

In the summer season, the work on cutting down trees is conducted more actively. One needs to get rid of old plants, one needs more wood for household needs, one also tries to find more space for the construction of necessary facilities. The region is developing rapidly, new roads are being built, production and social facilities are growing. Naturally, one comes across the need in new territories that often need to be cleared of trees. The main thing is to keep everything legal.

However, one can not do without violations. Recently it became known that in Ulyanovsk, officials of the energy industry were going to cut down 237 trees. The trees are an obstacle for the construction of a heating main. In the near future, the Volzhskaya Power Company plans to begin the construction of the eastern part of HPP-2. Environmentalists were outraged with the arbitrariness of energy officials and sounded the alarm. If these engineering services are so needed, and the trees are an obstacle, why has this become known only shortly before the works were about to start? Why are they going to cut the trees without any permits and approvals?

Governor Sergei Morozov, having learned about the incident, spoke sharply and decisively: "No one will cut them down! I will be there by those trees myself! Nobody will cut them down!"

The governor's indignation is understandable. The region, it would seem, has all conditions to prevent such cases. Sergei Morozov initiated the adoption of Resolution 271 of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region on the protection of green spaces. The document has already been dubbed as the "Green Constitution." The ecological chamber and the ecological government have been created. However, as it turned out, some private companies take into account neither the initiatives of the regional authorities, nor simple concerns for the future. After all, environmental protection and improvement of the environment is vital to everyone.

"It is very positive that Governor Sergei Morozov personally takes the initiative for the conservation of nature. Such is rarely seen, and one can only welcome this attitude of the authorities. This is a useful and effective approach. It is also true that one needs not just planting activities, but also accounting and care. The problem of forest renovation has become acute, - Academician Nikolai Moiseyev, the head of the Forest Department of the Moscow State University, a member of the forestry council of the Russian Government told Pravda.Ru. - Forests must be properly maintained and renovated, but now all this is left to the mercy of fate."

In the Ulyanovsk region, one does their best to protect green spaces. Environmental activities are held regularly to improve environmental conditions. The  plans for the need to cut old trees are discussed with the participation of the general public. In the Simbirsk region, they believe that simply arranging and coordinating approvals is not enough. It is important all these issues should be  discussed in advance with the participation of local residents, at public meetings.  People will understand and even find ways how to do it better. After all, it is all being done for their own benefit and comfort.

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