Ulyanovsk region suggests citizen oath

Ulyanovsk Governor Sergei Morozov proposed an initiative to introduce an oath when giving the passport of the Russian Federation to young Russians.

It is assumed that all residents of the country  will be able to participate in the competition for the best text of the oath.

"Once again, we are experiencing the seemingly long-forgotten feelings. The people are no longer ashamed of their flag, nationality, history, and they speak about all this with admiration. This rise of the national spirit should be the basis for further development of the country. To achieve this, one needs to preserve the burning fire of patriotism, to implant this feeling into our surrounding symbols and actions. This is especially important for young people," Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov said.

Unlike most regions of Russia, the Ulyanovsk region has been paying priority attention to patriotic education for years already. The regional government has recently approved a draft law on the honorary title of "City of Labor Glory." This title will be awarded to the towns of the region, where local residents demonstrated their hard work and persistence during WWII.

"Against the backdrop of attacks that Russia has been facing recently, young people began to show interest in history, - a member of the State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption, Gen. Nikolai Kovalev said. - Among other things, this happened thanks to the law about cities of military glory of Russia. People began to study why this or that city was awarded the title. The Ulyanovsk bill about labor glory can also play a positive role, although it's important not to devalue the title. By and large, any city has labor progress. Therefore, we must elaborate clear criteria. It is residents themselves that need to have the desire to recognize their native place like that. Patriotic education is a very important area of ​​work, especially among the youth," he said.

Another unique project - action "Eternal Glory" - has been recently launched as well. Residents of the Ulyanovsk region collect signatures to name new streets in honor of the 154th Infantry Division and prominent native of the region - Captain F.A. Batalov, as well as other heroes.

"This is a healthy, good beginning, when we talk about the people who glorified Russia. It aims to improve the efficiency of patriotic education, - says Franz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. - This identifies any person as a fellow countryman, "I know his family," and so on. Such measures make it possible to carry out activities for children, to clearly show them that it is always very important, and in fact very necessary."

"As for renaming streets, one can only support this trend in every way, especially against the background of the fact that there was such practice during the Soviet period, when streets would be named after heroes. As a rule, they would be heroes  of the Soviet Union, and buildings would have signs on them saying who the person was and what he or she did, - a well-known historian, the author of "Antisuvorov," Alexei Isaev said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. - I, for example, in my childhood, lived on the street of the Hero of the Soviet Union Ivlev. For me, it was one of the impulses to do history. So such things as streets named in honor of heroes certainly encourage some interest in one's the past, in how the history of our country was developing."

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