Israel and Russia Stand Against a Common Threat

If there is one thing Israel wants to see most, it's the situation in Moscow neutralized and the safety of the prisoners promised.

This is of course because of the concern to human lives, and Israel's belief that it's great friend, Russia, is just in it's cause and in it's demand for it's citizens to be able to live their lives without fear. A cause shared by all nations of the free world.

But it's also for another reason. Israel knows that if this model works in Russia, it won't take long for other terrorists to try and do the same. Israel knows it's next. There is a saying in Israel with regard to the holocaust: "First they took away the jews. Then they took away the gays. Then they took away the poor, and then they took away the sick. I didn't say anything because they didn't come for me. But when they did, there was no one there to say anything". Israel knows it - it's time for the free world to unite. to forget their differences. People from every nation should know one thing - the terror is threatening the entire world - and we're the only ones who can stop it.

And this is probably the reason Israel is offering president Putin more than it's support - it's offering possibly it's greatest asset. The expertise of the Mossad. Secret methods, expert guerrilla warriors and secret technology are being given to Russia, with hope to provide a solution to the terrible crisis.

The Mossad is Israel's prime security organization, and little needs to be said about it's successes in the past. Israel's Mossad has been preparing for situations just like the one in Moscow right now because it knew one thing - some day, some terrorist, will try to force the free world to live by his demands.

They just never thought it would happen to someone else. But now it has, and the Mossad officials, along with the Israeli government know one thing - if they don't help Russia now, they're next. Some Hamas terrorist, will explode in the middle of a football game. Another will hold hostage the visitors of a disco.

The free world cannot give in to this. I am confident that Russia, with Israel's 100% commited assistance will defuse the evil threat of these terrorists. I pray that no lives will be lost to the forces of good. And in the morning after, when we all wake up from this horrible nightmare, we'll stand united, against the threat of world terror. We'll remember one thing - When we're united, they can't beat us.

In the name of the people of Israel I wish to convey our sincere participation in the difficult situation Russia stands against at the moment.I hope and pray that at least, these hard times will bring us together so that when all is over, the terrorists of the world will know: the free world will succeed.

Gil Eyal is an Israeli Citizen, Ex-IDF soldier, and a writer on security issues for the Israeli news website

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